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Recoil Traction bar kit - Use with vehicle specific mounting hardware

BDS Suspension
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Recoil Traction Bar Main Kit

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Recoil Traction bar kit - Use with vehicle specific mounting hardware
Product updated on 2019-05-17, BDS Suspension -  BDS:123409,  Recoil Traction bar kit - Use with vehicle specific mounting hardware, Traction bars will fit multiple trucks - mount kits are vehicle specific, RECOIL Traction Bars BDS Suspension introduces a revolutionary spring loaded traction bar system engineered to improve traction and limit axle wrap without negatively affecting suspension travel or ride quality. These next generation RECOIL traction bars offer you the freedom to tune the spring compression for optimal performance on-road, off-road, towing, or competition pulling. These traction bars can be used on stock height or lifted trucks and work with both lift blocks and replacement leaf spring kits. They use a full floating design that won't bind up allowing the full range of wheel travel without limiting articulation. These new RECOIL traction bars are built to the highest standards for the ultimate performance on and off-road. The bars are fabricated from 2" OD x 3/16" wall steel tubing with a threaded bung welded in toward the axle and a CNC machined end at the frame. The axle mount uses the tried and true BDS large forged flex end and jam nut RECOIL Traction Bars and awardto take whatever abuse you throw at it. Utilizing a forged housing with large 1-1/4" -12 threaded shank, a single sided snap ring and 1-piece flex ball, the flex ends are capable of up to 15-degrees of misalignment in either direction. At the frame end the bar uses a durometer specific polyurethane bushing and free floats in the traction bar utilizing a pair of dual stage internal compression springs and UHMW polyurethane bearings. Both ends aregreaseable and serviceable.