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BDS Suspension vs Zone Offroad

We get asked often "What's the difference between BDS and Zone Lift Kits"?

BDS Suspension and Zone Offroad are both owned by Fox Racing and are built in the same facilities. Although some parts are shared in both lines (under line-specific part numbers) there are actually a few differences in the kits.

BDS kits are designed as high-end lift kits and are at the higher price range on the lift kit market. They offer a lot of their kits with Fox shocks and coilovers in addition to the basic lift kit. As a general rule BDS will design their crossmembers with a arch in the center to provice maximum ground clearance. Hence the name "High Clearance Lift Kit" They also relocate the torsion bar mounts on the control arm so that they don't need to drop the frame mounts on them down, again creating more ground clearance. Many BDS Lift Kits come with skid shields included. BDS offers a "No Fine Print" lifetime warranty to the original owner. Meaning if you abused your truck (within reason) and broke a part they will cover it on warranty. Exluded is the finish on parts as they are subject to harsh conditions under normal use and will degrade as expected.

Zone Offorad lift kits are designed to be able to sell them at a lower cost to comete with some of the less expensive lift kits on the market. If they include dropped crossmembers they will generally be straight accross, simplifying the manufacturing process. Most kits have the skid shields listed as "available options" Zone offers a "Limited Lifetime Warranty" to the original owner which will cover manufacturing defects.

But while we're discussing warranty let's talk about shocks and other wear components. Both companies offer a limited warranty of items deemed to be "Wear Items' Parts that wear as they are being used, such as shocks, bushings and other moving parts are subject to wear and have a limited lifetime. BDS and Zone both cover their shocks for 2 years from purchase date "at their discretion" Why do they add "At their discretion"? Because if you are running your shocks without boots on them and they get a rock mark on the shaft this will destroy the shock's seals and void your warranty on them. Also, if you dent the cylinder it will cause the shock to fail. Balljoints and tie rod ends are also wear items and both companies will warranty them for 3 years granted that they have not failed due to lack of lubrication or split seals cause by over-lubrication.

Which lift kit is right for you? That depends on a number of things such as your budget, the age of the vehicle, how you plan to use your lifted truck and a lot of other factors. We'll leave that decision up to you.

We have been in business since 1993 and operate a retail store as well as a warehouse. We back all of our products and stand behind everything we sell. In the unlikely event that your product is not in stock you will be notified as to the ETA and given a full refund if the delivery date does not meet your expectations.