BDS Suspension & Zone Offroad Lift Kits - Ford Trucks

BDS Lift Kits and Zone Offroad Lift Kits for Ford trucks.

The late model Ford pickups are a very popular model to lift, but the 2011 to 2018 Ford Superduty are the model years that are getting a lot of attention lately. A rugged BDS lift kit will get you where you're going on the road or through the roughest, off road terrain. And if your ride happens to be an older model, such as a 1996, F350 Monobeam or a 1983 Ford Ranger, we can help you out too. In fact we have BDS Suspension and Zone OffRoad Suspension Systems for Ford trucks going right back to the ealry 1980's model years. We are still working on adding those kits to our BDS Suspension lift kit website, so until we get them all posted, please contact us for more info . If you don't see your truck listed click here to email us for pricing.

No matter what Ford truck you have, a BDS lift kit is a great investment and will take your truck to places that it was unable to reach until you installed your BDS Suspension lift kit or Zone Offroad Lift Kit.

We have BDS Lift kits & Zone Offroad Lift Kits available for the following Ford Trucks:

  • Bronco 4WD, 1978 to 1996 and 2021
  • Bronco ll 4WD, 1982 to 1991
  • Excursion 4WD, 2000 to 2005
  • F100 2WD, 1980 to 1983
  • F100 4WD, 1973 to 1983
  • F150 2WD, 1980 to 2020
  • F150 4WD, 1973 to 2022
  • F150 Raptor, 2010 to 2020
  • F250 / 350 1999 to 2022
  • F250 TTB 4WD, 1980 to 1996
  • F350 Monobeam 4WD, 1980 to 1996
  • Ranger 4WD, 1983 to 1997

Free shipping on most kits starts at $400 in Alberta and $600 in the rest of Canada

Note - Some kits do not qualify for free shipping such as very heavy lift kits or kits using leaf springs.

Important Note, All kits are designed to fit on Four Wheel Drive trucks only unless the description is specified as "2wd"

A Note About Shock Boots and Warranty

BDS Suspension and Zone Offroad shocks and steering stabilizers do have warranty on them although not a lifetime warranty. This is because a shock absorber or steering stabilizer is considered a "Wear Item" as they are designed with seals that degrade over time.

But if a BDS or Zone shock does fail during the warranty period you need to be aware that if the chromed shaft has pitting on it from rocks or road debris the warranty will be voided because anything that causes a rough spot on the shaft WILL make the shock fail due to the damage causing the seal to fail.

Adding a set of shock boots to your order is inexpensive protection against damage to your expensive BDS Suspension or Zone Offroad shocks.