How to tell if your truck has factory overload leafs

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We get asked quite often the question "How do I know if my truck has a factory overload leaf?"

It's actually quite easy to tell, look at your factory leafs behind one of your rear tires. The overload leafs are easy to see. Usually one ton trucks have overload leafs and 3/4 ton trucks do not have overload leafs but that's not always the case so the best thing to do is to have a look. The overload leaf packs do vary slightly from one truck to the next but generally they are one or two addition leafs mounted with a spacer on top of the main leaf pack. They will also have a stopper on the frame so that when your truck is overloaded the overload leaf pack will hit the frame stopper to provide addition support. They are manufactured this way to improve unloaded ride quality.

Overload leaf
The truck on the right has an overload leaf. It is spaced and bolted on top of the leaf spring pack.
Without factory overload leaf
This truck does not have an overload leaf. There is only the spring clamp on top of the leaf pack.