How do I tell if my truck has a factory steering stabilizer?

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On certain trucks we will ask you the question; Does your truck have a factory steering stabilizer?

A steering stabilizer looks like a shock absorbers and kind of acts like one except for that it offers a similar rate going both directions, unlike a shock. This is why you can never replace a steering stabilizer with a normal shock absorber, even though a normal shock may fit.

On some truck models the steering stabilizer is an option that may depend on cetain factory options such a having the Z71 suspension package on a GM truck. If you want to install an upgraded steering stabilizer we first need to know if your truck has the factory one or if you are also going to need a moutning kit for it. So if you are asked that question you basically need to see if there is something that looks like a shock installed onto your front steering linkage.

The picture below is a truck with a factory steering stabilizer.

A truck with a steering stabilizer