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2019-24 Ram 2500 Diesel w/rear coils 8 inch 4-Link Lift Kit

BDS Suspension
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BDS 4-Link Lift Kit

2019-21 Ram 2500 4-Link Diesel 8 inch Lift Kit by BDS Suspension

Important Kit Notes

  • 1. Aftermarket driveshaft is required
  • 2. For use on diesel models only
  • 3. Fits rear coil sprung models only (will not fit air-ride models)
  • 4. This kit requires the use of an aftermarket front driveshaft (not provided) in addition to the (provided) indexing ring kit - BDS122624 (6-bolt). Both must be installed, however due to variations between truck configurations we recommend installing the kit prior to taking measurements for the aftermarket front driveshaft to ensure correct length. Vehicle can be driven without front driveshaft. Kit was tested with a Drive Line Plus flange and driveshaft, however other high angle driveshaft options can be used.

BDS Suspension expands its listings for the late model RAM 2500 4WD diesel trucks with new 8" 4-link conversion systems.

Up front these systems use a pair of 8" diesel specific progressive rate coil springs to provide the extra height and smooth controlled performance in the harshest of terrains. A forged drop pitman arm is supplied to correct steering angles along with a HD bar drop bracket to re-center the front axle. A pair of sway bar drop brackets reposition the OE sway bar for optimal performance along with extended polyurethane bump stops to limit up travel and brake line brackets to allow full droop. To correct the front suspension geometry at the new height, the factory stamped steel radius arms are converted over to 4-link using a pair of 1/4" steel brackets and high strength upper and lower control arms designed to limit caster control throughout suspension travel for more predictable handling characteristics. Also supplied are your choice of BDS NX2 gas shocks or FOX 2.0 Performance Series IFP gas shocks for improved ride and performance.

At 8" of lift it is critical to make front driveline adjustments to maintain use of 4WD due to the increased operating angle. To do this, BDS Suspension provides a heavy duty replacement transmission crossmember as well as a transfer case indexing ring to reposition the front driveline output which will need to be used in combination with an aftermarket front driveshaft (not included with kit). In the rear, careful consideration was taken to design the system for load carrying capacity, handling, and ride quality. The factory coil positioning inside the frame rails is sufficient at smaller heights, but at 8" of lift needed to be modified to increase stability. Similar to the 14-18 models, the rear springs have been outboarded by 8" per side (16" total) using a set of bolt-on mounts. This new position mimics that of a leaf spring on the 3500 models and provides increased stability without compromising ride quality. The new upper and lower coil seats locate off of existing features on the frame and axle, requiring only minor drilling for mounting hardware. The new position allows for a much shorter and more stable coil spring design. This virtually eliminates any chance of coil bowing and ensures the coils react predictably throughout the full range of travel. In addition to the coil springs/mounts, a new track bar relocation system is included to properly set the rear roll-center height and center the axle under the vehicle. The rear track bar relocation includes a new heavy duty adjustable track bar. The track bar uses high-durometer polyurethane bushings at the frame and an adjustable forged COM bearing joint at the axle. Extended rear sway bar links round out the rear suspension components. Rounding out the rear of this kit is your choice of NX2 series or Fox 2.0 Performance Series gas shocks.

Get the look and the ride you are after with these new 8" 4-link systems from BDS Suspension.

Tire & Wheel Combinations
40x13.50 w/20x9 and 4.5-5.5" back spacing
38x15.50 w/20x12 and 5.5" back spacing
*Trimming may be required*

Est. Installation: 8-10 hours
Difficulty Level (easy 1 - 5 complicated): 4